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This is a world-class manufacturing facility in the mid-west, with exeptionally high product safety standards. Only contractors that can deliver the very best qualified craftspeople are accepted by these demanding clients.

In 2016 a new plan was made to incorporate a new state of the art laboratory facility, as well as a full pilot-scale manufacturing line to facilitate development and testing of new products from initial concept through to finished product development to the existing campus.                                                                       As part of this programme, Kendrick Industrial Coatings have been on site since mid-2017 completing coating works.  We have had to consistently provide teams of 4-6 craftsmen on site, with all required to be trained in MEWP and Harness use, all skilled to the highest level in application.

Activites on site are mostly involved in the application of high performance coatings, which are all manufactured and supplied by SIKA Ireland to the correct specification.  We applied all the coatings for the newly constructed areas - which are to a 'clean-room' standard.










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